Retractable Skylight is a unique product with special features. provide an excellent housing solution for those who want to make the most of their outdoor space in a creative and Retractable Skylight. functional way. The biggest advantage of our Retractable Skylight over fixed awnings is the fact that they offer total protection to your outdoor area and you don’t have to worry about weather changes anymore (wind, rain, sun and so on).
Our Skylights consist in removable sliding modular panels, with an aluminium structure and highly resistant PVC, polycarbonate and plexiglas cover material. They are made for the installation of cooling and heating units. Skylight Roof with a motorized system can be easily opened with a simple click. Apart for being motorized or manual skylights are resistant to rain, and offer UV protection. Those creating a pleasing atmosphere and environment. We can provide also an inside shade systems. This makes our sun tunnel or skylight roof an ideal solution for house, swimming pool, hot tub, jacuzzi and garden.

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