There are multiple types of cladding and cladding systems. It is quite difficult to distinguish them from one another, as there are many different materials that can be used for cladding systems. Installation of cladding systems can also be done using various methods. Materials used in cladding systems can be all sorts of metals (zinc, stainless steel, bronze, copper etc.) to rubber, silicone or brick. The installation methods are adapted to the different kinds of materials being utilised for the construction of the cladding system.

The function of Cladding Systems Cladding is primarily adapted in a construction for its function: (wall) cladding systems protect the exterior and the frame of the building. Indirectly, cladding systems protect the interior of an architectural construction as well. Besides the protection a cladding system has to offer, it can also increase the aesthetic appeal of a building or construction. With the many materials, patterns and finishes you can choose from, cladding systems have become very appealing to architects. Architects often add these panels to their design to achieve a modern, minimalistic look.

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